Manned Guarding

Manned Security

Corporate Security Service provides an exclusive security guarding service, staffed by thoroughly screened and licensed security professionals who strictly adhere to the BS7858 2019 Standards. We prioritize the safety of both your property and personnel above all else, and we are committed to delivering the utmost level of protection.

Our highly trained and experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-tier security services designed to enhance the safety and safeguarding of individuals, properties, and valuable assets.

Corporate Security Service Security Ltd, our security personnel are tasked with implementing access control protocols at entry points.
Our security team performs routine patrols of the premises to detect and promptly handle any suspicious activities, breaches, or security weaknesses.
Our guards maintain a vigilant watch over CCTV systems, alarm systems, and other security equipment to guarantee a rapid response to any potential security risks or incidents that may occur.
Crowd Management Emergency Response Theft And Loss Prevention

In venues marked by substantial pedestrian traffic, such as events, retail venues, or public gatherings, our security personnel assume a vital role in crowd control, preserving order, and preempting potential conflicts or disruptions. Their presence assures a safe and protected atmosphere for all attendees.

Our expertly trained manned security guards are fully equipped to react swiftly and effectively in emergency situations. They are well-versed in evacuation protocols, first aid procedures, and fire safety guidelines. In cases of fires, accidents, or medical emergencies, they provide immediate aid and work seamlessly with the appropriate authorities to efficiently handle the situation.

The core duty of security guards is to thwart theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry into secured zones. They achieve this by conducting routine checks, enforcing security procedures, and employing surveillance methods, all of which serve as effective deterrents against criminal activities and result in a substantial decrease in potential losses.

Why choose us

There are many companies but why choose us

Corporate Security Service is a prominent company in the security services and training industry, serving clients across the entire nation. Our commitment to excellence allows us to deliver top-tier security services at affordable rates.

Additionally, we provide a variety of training courses, including those in Threat Detection and First Aid, ensuring comprehensive skill development for our clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Our team is available around the clock, ready to address inquiries and issues with professionalism and prompt resolution.

High Quality Service

We are determined to break free from the stereotypes associated with the Security Industry, and our approach is straightforward: Quality Staff combined with Quality Management equals the delivery of Quality Service.


Our competitive pricing structure ensures that our high-quality security services are affordable and won't break the bank!

We try to Serve Best Service

Construction Security

We provides all-encompassing security solutions tailored to both large and small construction sites.

Event Security

Our team is fully prepared to provide you with a dedicated roster of professional and impeccably presented officers who are committed to ensuring the security…


Our cleaning services are meticulously crafted to provide our clients with a comprehensive and effective cleaning solution.

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